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Privacy Policy

AGNESKOVACS leather design Ltd. – referred to henceforth as – respects the right for personal data of the visitors of the website. The present guidance inform you of the data stored by the and the use of these data. You will find information here on how you can check the accuracy of these data, and how you can ask for deleting them from the registry of the The data collection and management corresponds to the relevant legal regulations. The present declaration does not apply to the internet pages available by hyperlink from the webpage


AGNESKOVACS leather design Ltd. (company seat: H-1123, Budapest, Greguss utca 12., tax number: 25283130-2-43; Court Register Number: 01-09-206066; registered by: the Metropolitan Court of Budapest; electronic address: ; referred to henceforth as the “Data Manager”) collects the following personal data for the purpose of providing services via the Website: name, address, e-mail address, telephone number.

The Data Manager shall manage the personal data exclusively as necessary for providing the services offered by Website. The collection of the personal data does not include the collection and the management of the so-called special data.

The collection and the management of the personal data is realised with the approval and the permission of the concerned persons, by voluntary data providing.

The person entitled to the personal data can refuse anytime to provide any personal data, at the same time the absence of certain data will exclude the recourse to the services provided by the Webshop. The Data Manager shall use the personal data collected in relation with the Webshop operation solely in order to provide the services of the Webshop, and only in the extent necessary for these services. The data manager shall transmit the personal data to the following persons, in order to organise the delivery:

TNT Express Hungary Ltd.
company seat/postal address: 1097 Budapest, Ecseri út 14-16.
Court Registry Number 01-09-908327

The concerned person shall expressly approve that the Data Manager transfer his/her personal data necessary for the delivery (name and postal address) to TNT Express Hungary Ltd. in order to organise the delivery of the ordered products.

The Data Manager does not have resort to data processing. The collected data are stocked on the Website of the Data Manager.

If you ticked the related case on the registration form, the Data Manager shall inform you from time to time of the new collections, actions or other important information. The Data Manager does not transfer these data to third parties.

The collected personal data, including the personal data provided for the sending of newsletters shall be stored for an open-ended period, until request for delete received from the concerned person.

The person concerned by the personal data can request information on the management of the personal data, can anytime request the modification or inspection of the personal data, and – except the data management prescribed by legal regulations – the deleting of these personal data. Please send your questions or request for further information regarding the data management to the following address of the Data Manager.

In case the data subject of the personal data is not satisfied with the data handler's response, you may validate your rights to the protection of your personal data before a civil court and you can contact the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (1125 Budapest, HUNGARY Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.; Post Address: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5.; Phone No. +36 (1) 391-1400; email:

AGNESKOVACS leather design Ltd.
Postal address: Greguss utca 12. Budapest 1123, Hungary
Data management registry number: NAIH-91116/2015

Our company proceeds with the data management according to the Act CXII of 2011 and the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on information self-determination and freedom of information, and to the recommendation of the data processing supervisor.

While visiting the website, the server of will store certain data automatically, for system administration, statistical or security purposes. These date are: the internet provider of the visitor, in some cases the IP-address of the visitor, the version of the browser, the operating system of the computer, the webpage from where the has been reached, the visited pages on the website and the search words used for reaching the website. These data are used to estimate the attendance of the website and the related computers, the personal data are not used. The data will be used solely anonymously. shall solely transfer the data to third parties according to the legal regulations on the personal data protection. We do not use the data provided by you on beyond the law or for purposes beyond your approval, and we do not transfer these data to third parties. We solely transfer your data without your approval if that is ordered by a legal regulation, an authority or the court. We publish all amendments of the present declaration on this website. Thus you can have up-to-date information anytime on the stored data, and on how we collect, process and use data.


The shall store the data provided by you securely, and takes measures of precaution for protecting them – thus, for avoiding the loss, the unauthorized use or the modification of them. The contractual partners of, who have access to your data via the services provided to – with your approval or according to the legal regulations – are obliged to keep them private and are not allowed to use them for any other purpose except the contractual service.


The manages solely data of major, legally capable persons. We ask the parents to try to regularly check the internet and e-mail activities of the minors under 18 years.


For helping the use of the website, the uses anonym visitor identifiers, the so-called “cookies”. The “cookies” are small piece of data necessary to visit the page, that are transferred temporarily from the browser to the hard disk of your computer while visiting the webpage. The “cookies” we use cannot recognise the personal data of the visitor. The most of the browsers accepts automatically the anonym visitor identifiers. By the settings of the browser you can avoid installing visitor identifiers on your hard disk. You can delete the stored “cookies” from your computer anytime, by deleting the temporary internet files. (For further information on that function of the browser, check the Help menu of the browser.)