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The LIÉ collection is a handcrafted, multicultural journey from Europe to Asia, where the Scandinavian minimalism, the French elegance, the Italian premium leather and the Japanese precision meet in harmonious unity. LIÉ was created based on a design idea of the unification of opposing forces. Like clasped hands the bags are constructed by the unseparated parts of only one leather sheet which are accurately joined together to form the body. The inspiration came from a unique Japanese wood joinery technique where the perfectly fitting wood elements are fixed together without nails. The stability and the harmony emerged from the unity of opposing forces is just as important regarding the shape as regarding the content for the LIÉ collection which was inspired by aiming the creation of this ideal state. LIÉ bags combine the contemporary elegance with fine details, exciting geometric lines and functional twists.

photographer_György Károlyi_Flashback
model_Lisa_VM Model
hair_Márk Károlyi
make up_Tímea Vozák

styling_Dóra Bellák